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Solaroli farm

Red area


You know a story because   they told you about it or you lived it, but sometimes you realize you're making gestures just like the characters in that story...

I watched my mom paint, combine colors to create the most real shadow possible, look for canvases and frames to give life to an idea and a shape to a state of mind.

But only now do I understand his need to want to leave a mark.

Dedicating yourself to a canvas to leave a tangible and concrete memory as if out of fear that the memories, the ones that once moved, will be lost...

I recognize myself a little in this nuance.

Change the shape, change the content and the inspiration but... now I'm convinced....

Me too, with my small gesture I want to leave a mark!


Strongly wanted to leave a mark.

You keep teaching me again.. .

Red area


Concession granted 21.1.01 Emilia Romagna Region